Currently watching Robotic;Notes episode 4. I really want some romance in Akiho and Kaito's relationship but theres only the 'bestfriend' type of relationship going on between them. I even checked on tumblr and youtube for any evidence of their romantic spark but to no avail, theres none. And guess what? I saw Frau Koujiro and Kaito. Looks like theres something going on between her and Kaito. Omg. Guess I'll be expecting her on the next episode. (I am still in episode 4) This anime show will be extremely awesome if there will be some love scenes in Robotic;Notes. Akiho is extremely cute, energetic and loud whereas Kaito is sort of 'cool'. They'll fit. Like the anime toradora. Best luck for Akiho and Kaito. AKIKAI <3

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